6 Incredible Benefits of a Xeon Processor for a Dedicated Server

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6 Incredible Benefits of a Xeon Processor for a Dedicated Server

Implementing the right dedicated server is one of the key decisions that you'll need to make when managing your company's IT obligations. The main issue here is that many people aren't quite sure whether they should choose a core I7 processor or a Xeon processor.

For those who are unaware, a Xeon processor is the superior option in many cases when choosing a dedicated server. Let's take a look at everything you should know about its benefits.

1. Multiple CPUs

One of the most significant attributes of a Xeon processor is the fact that it has multiple CPUs. This allows you to forego the need for a large amount of memory bandwidth or memory for your server.

Interestingly, the Xeon core series does not support multiple CPU integration. However, a chip logic add-on is able to establish this level of functionality.

To elaborate, it allows the CPUs of the processor to coordinate workloads and share memory access.

2. L3 Cache

Having access to an L3 cache is something that can't be overlooked. In server architecture, cache memory allows the processors of the server to store data that is frequently used.

This makes it much easier to retrieve this data in the future, leading to better overall performance.

In context, an L3 cache within a Xeon processor is able to perform at roughly double the speed of a core I7 processor. This means that applications requiring a high number of resources will typically run flawlessly.

You also experience a significant boost in the overall speed of your server.

3. Multiple Cores

Similar to having multiple CPUs, having multiple cores within your processor comes with plenty of benefits. You might be surprised to learn that conventional I7 processors can only have a maximum of eight cores.

A Xeon processor, on the other hand, can have up to 48.

As you might guess, there are many cases where small businesses simply won't need this much power from their cloud server. Having access to this level of functionality, though, can ensure that you have enough resources to scale significantly in the future.

Something that many entrepreneurs are concerned with is the overall cost of the Xeon processor. In this case, its cost is heavily influenced by the number of cores it contains.

It's essential to look at this purchase as a direct investment, though. Better performance will lead to more revenue over time, allowing the processor to essentially pay for itself.


RAM, also known as "random access memory," allows applications to store data on a short-term basis. This data can be accessed during use so that the application can run fluidly.

For this reason, devices with a large amount of RAM are able to perform without any interruptions under most circumstances.

ECC RAM is a bit different and refers to "error-correcting code" memory. As the name suggests, it aims to identify and correct data that has been corrupted as quickly as possible.

In practice, this allows your server to minimize memory errors that occur and establish a higher level of reliability. Since even a short period of downtime could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars, this is a factor that simply can't be overlooked.

In many cases, data corruption can also be an impossible scenario to recover from. It might also drastically impact the quality of the experience you can provide to your clients.

So, the ability to provide this safeguard is one of the most important attributes that Xeon processors have.

5. Virtualization

Running a virtual machine is commonplace in many different industries these days. However, some companies have the need to run a large number (sometimes hundreds) of virtual machines concurrently.

Xeon processors are renowned for the comprehensive virtualization that they support. Not only does this allow you to easily integrate virtualization for your server, but it also increases its efficiency.

Servers use virtualization to ease their workload, and running a high number of virtual machines at once will improve the level of performance that you experience.

6. Support for Hyperthreading

Put simply, core I7 processors do not support hyperthreading. This term refers to the practice of creating virtual cores in order to increase performance.

This allows the processor to ease the stress that its primary cores experience.

In context, Xeon processors are able to accomplish this by doubling their total number of cores. So a Xeon processor that has eight cores is able to create eight additional virtual cores.

As you might guess, this means that this type of processor is virtually ideal for handling practices like cloud hosting.

You also find that Xeon processors can easily handle video transcoding, chat servers, and resource-heavy applications.

Of course, they can also easily manage websites that experience a high level of traffic. This is a primary factor to keep in mind, as being unable to accommodate a spike in web traffic can drastically hurt your sales numbers.

Choosing the Right Dedicated Server Might Seem Overwhelming

The good news is that the above information will help ensure that you make the decision best for you. From here, you'll be able to get the most out of the Xeon dedicated server you choose and boost your company's key metrics to new heights.

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