Don't Let Important Details Slip Through The Cracks When Moving As A New Entrepreneur

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Don't Let Important Details Slip Through The Cracks When Moving As A New Entrepreneur

Running a business is a full-time job, and when you are planning a major personal milestone, such as moving into a new house, at the same time as you’re starting your business, you will have your hands double full. Because of this, it’s easy to let details both large and small slip through the cracks. But now is not the time to let your guard down. That’s why Esited has assembled the following tips and resources, to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Budget Busters

Speaking of budget, this is definitely one time that you need to keep it in check. This is especially important if you’re starting a new business that you plan to run from home. Keep in mind that you will have separate pools of money: one for your business and one for your personal finances. One way to keep you on track is to look at properties that fit your needs from the very beginning. This might include looking at homes that are more expensive but that have an outside office. Similarly, you might buy property that needs repair so that you can customize it from the beginning. If you choose an “as is” property, spend the extra money to have an attorney examine the land records. You’ll also need to pay for an inspection and sit down with your spouse/partner to decide if you have the time, money, and skills to do the repairs yourself.

Legal Separation

Even when you plan to work from your home, it pays to take steps now to separate your personal property from your professional assets. This is established by forming a legal business structure. For most small businesses, this means forming an LLC. However, if you have bigger plans, and you want to take on outside investors, it might make more sense to establish as a corporation. This stable structure is desirable to most investors and, contrary to common belief, you can file for a corporation without an attorney using a service geared specifically toward this process.

Work In Limbo

Something many homebuyers/business owners don’t think about is that there will be a time when your world is in limbo. If you’re selling your current home, there may be showings, and that means that you can’t be on-site handling business. Before you put the for sale sign in the front yard, make sure that you have access to a co-working space, which ChargeSpot explains is flexible and often available on a daily or monthly basis.

Additional Moving Tips

  • Get your entire family on board. Make sure that each capable member of your family has a job to do so that you are not spread thin hashing out details, such as planning the movers or turning on the utilities.
  • Confirm that you can run a business in your new town. Many areas have rules that you’ll have to follow if you plan to run a home business.
  • Use a monthly planner. Last but not least, one of the best things you can do – both for your business and for your move – is to use a monthly planner template to streamline your schedule and make sure nothing important slips through the cracks.
Moving at the same time you are launching a new brand takes lots of work and even more patience. But, with the right partner by your side and a few preemptive measures, you can get through the worst of it without suffering personally or professionally. Contact your agent today to get the process started.
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