The Secret Behind Choosing the Right Cloud Server

Posted on 2021-08-18T22:52:16.000Z by Esited Team. Last updated 2021-08-18T22:58:56.000Z
The Secret Behind Choosing the Right Cloud Server

By 2025, there will be around 175 zettabytes of data in the world. This amount of information would take 1.8 billion years to download on a computer with the average internet speed in 2021. That's a lot of data!

While your enterprise isn't working with even a fraction of a percent of that, it's still important to keep your information safe and accessible. Cloud server storage makes it easy to store, keep, and recall data when necessary.

But how can you choose the right cloud server to fit your needs? Read on for some tips and some information on why Esited plans are the right choice.

Set a Budget

Before you can even begin looking at cloud service plans or unlimited bandwidth hosting, you need to first set a budget. After all, your business has a multitude of needs- you can't spend all of your funds in one area. You also want to get the best bang for your buck.

Look into the funds that you have and into how much a subscription-based hosting plan will cost. Regardless of upfront costs, you want to go with a subscription because of constant updates and professional management. Pay-up-front servers also have hidden costs that Esited subscription plans do not.

Make sure that you know the funds that you have before you look to buy. This will save you stress later when you're unsure of whether you can pay for your plan.

Decide on Necessary Features

Cloud computing is an essential part of your company's operations. It's important that you get all the features needed to thrive.

This means getting the right speed and bandwidth to sustain your daily operations and site visitors. It also means looking into memory, storage, and IP addresses.

If you don't invest in the appropriate plan, you won't be able to store all of your information. It's also likely that you will be susceptible to poor service levels for clients.

Speed and Bandwidth

Choosing the appropriate network speed and bandwidth are critical to the success of your cloud server.

You need to allow data to be quickly uploaded and retrieved. You also need to have the capacity for untold data downloads. This is especially true if you run a large or growing enterprise.

While our Cloud Server Basic plan does offer unlimited bandwidth, it only allows you 500Mbps speed. This is great for new users who are still testing managed dedicated server functionality. However, upgrading to one of the higher-level plans can give you unlimited bandwidth and 1Gbps storage.

Multiple CPU Capabilities

Many cloud server platforms have multiple processor cores, but it's best to have a system with multiple CPUs. While core series don't always support this, our Plus, Pro, or DB plans can sustain multiple CPUs.

It does this with added on-chip logic that allows CPUs on a network to communicate. You therefore can share access to a machine's memory across a larger network. This allows for easier coordination in both physical and virtual workplaces.

High-Level Storage

If you're looking more for a storage system than a website hosting service, we offer a specialized Cloud Server Storage package. You get many of the same features as you would with other packages.

However, this software is distinct in that it offers more storage space rather than other features. Since keeping all of your data organized and accessible is a priority, we recommend this plan to those who store a lot of data without the need for fast processing.

Cloud Monitoring and Security

Since a data breach can cost a business around $8.19 million, it's important to take all possible measures to prevent one. Your managed dedicated server needs to have built-in monitoring to minimize the possibility of data loss.

Besides the fact that cloud servers generally have higher security than traditional shared hosting, Esited has more features to protect your information.

All of our cloud servers have Esited monitors to ensure the availability of all services. This prevents parts of your server from shutting down and losing data that hasn't been backed up. It also catches potential security breaches before disaster strikes by monitoring (and alerting you of issues with) network trends.

Esited also offers unmatched security in addition to our premium network connectivity. Our plans come with multi-encrypted frameworks. There are built-in measures to keep unauthorized users out.

Customer Support

Customer service is of the utmost importance when choosing a cloud service provider. That's why we allow you to submit support tickets at any time so that we can help you with any issues that you're having.

We'll troubleshoot the tickets quickly so that you can get the features that matter most running efficiently. You can also contact us on our website or by phone with immediate inquiries.

Blade Servers

There are two kinds of cloud servers that could host your business. Rack servers are meant to be mounted within a service rack and are therefore general-purpose machines. However, blade servers are modular and let multiple servers exist in a cluster.

As you might imagine, blade servers have less power consumption and higher processing power than their alternatives. It can be configured to do the same work as a rack server while saving you space and money. That's why Esited offers these servers for your storage needs.

Choose the Right Cloud Server Today

Now that you know what you need to look for when choosing the right cloud server, it's time to get started. Browse our cloud server plans to get a feel for the best option for your needs.

All of our Cloud Servers are 100% reliable with both root access and customer portal access. Since we're committed to helping you store and process all of the data needed for your enterprise's success, we look forward to working with you soon!

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