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Enterprise Management!

Our servers are hosted on our industry proven premium network. All of our servers include full enterprise management solutions including IPMI 2.0 and Remote Reboot capabilities. All of our servers also come with free bandwidth graphing, power graphing, and ICMP monitoring. Try us out today!

eSited Features Include:
  • Premium Hardware
  • Remote Reboot Control
  • IPMI Server Administration
  • Bandwidth Graphing
  • Power Graphing
  • KVM Console Access
  • eSited Private Network
  • Free OS reloads
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Customer Server Control
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eSited PERFORMANCE Features:
  • 1Gbit Port Access
  • 10Gbit High Bandwidth Networking
  • 50Gbps of Premium Transit
  • SSD Support for All Servers
  • ECC DDR3 Memory
  • Hardware RAID Controllers
  • Bonded 1Gbit Networking
  • SLA Uptime Guarantees
  • Secure Facilities
  • On Site Staffing
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Private hardware, you're in control

Dedicated Servers
Single Processor4 GB750GB SATA2$79.00Deploy Now
Single Processor8 GB1TB SATA2$129.00Deploy Now
Single Processor16 GB1TB SATA2$159.00Deploy Now
Dual Processor8 GB1TB SATA2$129.00Deploy Now
Dual Processor8 GB1TB SATA2$159.00Deploy Now
Dual Processor16 GB1TB SATA2$189.00Deploy Now

Bandwidth Graphing
On Site Staffing
Direct IPMI Access
Redundant network
Remote Reboot
24x7 Support

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All backed by our personalized support

We're here to provide personalized assistance and guidance to our clients and surpass their expectations whenever possible. From site migrations, server trouble, and any other problem you may encounter, we're here to go above and beyond.

Our mission is to combine self service tools with knowledgable staff to create a truly fluid hosting experience. Give us a call today!