Hosting a Dedicated Server with Esited

Posted on 2021-08-09T03:21:58.000Z by Bryan Tong. Last updated 2021-08-09T04:34:53.000Z
Hosting a Dedicated Server with Esited

The first question that I see a lot when working in this market is if the customer actually needs a dedicated server. The answer to that question is, if you dont know you need one, then a VPS or shared hosting plan may be better suited for your needs.

How to trust your Host

A great struggle with hosting is finding a provider you can trust. That is a company who is going to be there when you need them and provide the exact service you wanted. This is where Esited comes into play. Our hosting has been operating since 2006, that is 15 years of reliable hosting! We know the people in this industry and have been working to create a more perfect and secure host the entire time.

Our hosting is trust worthy and reliable. The Esited staff are always happy to help when it comes to support.

Buying a Dedicated Server

Now, you have decided a dedicated server is the right choice for your hosting. The next step is to choose which type of server. This should always be a decision based upon the size of your website and the resources used to run your website. Unforunately, coming from a shared host you may not know how many resources your website is using. In order to provide some basic reference see below.

Monthly Visits Website Type Dedicated Server Example
1000 - 5000 Simple 4 CPU Cores, 16GB RAM E3-1230 v3+ 16GB RAM
5000 - 10000 Moderate 8 CPU Cores, 32GB RAM E3-1265L 32GB RAM
10000 - 500000 Complex 16 CPU Cores, 32GB RAM E3-1270 v2 Unlimited Bandwidth
500000 - 10000000 Complex 16 CPU Cores, 32GB RAM E3-1265L 10Gbps Dedicated

From the table above, you may be able to see that as the traffic increases the need for bandwidth becomes the bigger issue. However, it is possible with really complex software to end up needing more memory to handle vists.

Armed with this information, you should be able to make a selection for which type of server to buy. Keep in mind Esited is always happy to refund or exchange a server. Please feel free to test each server that may meet your needs.

Using a Dedicated Server

After making an order, our team will provision your server. This process entails making sure the appropriate hardware is available. Your server is then assembled if neccessary. Once the components are tested and pass quality inspection, the operating system of your choosing will be installed on to the machine. Upon completion of this process, we will email you the login details to your new server. These login details will typically be SSH details to use a Linux Dedicated Server, or RDP (Remote Desktop) details for a Windows Dedicated Server.

Considering you now have your login details, it is important to save them securely in a safe place. Please also consider changing the credentials once you take possession of the server. You can always create another account for our staff if you need help in the future. Once logged in, you should be able to access the server in a way you are familar with. If you are not familiar with installing the software needed, you should contact our staff and inquire about managed hosting. This can be added on to the server and will allow our staff to handle all the software management for you. A managed dedicated server can be a great asset to a busy website owner.

Obtaining Support

There is often times you will need to get in touch with the host to have them change something you may not have access to. It is important to always use support tickets for this function as they receive the most timely and reliable response from our staff members. Esited strives to provide 24/7 reliable support to countries around the world. We know what we are doing when it comes to hosting and can help keep any size website online.

When placing a support ticket, please reference the server that is having the problem. If there are many, also provide the IP address. Provide an example of the problem if possible. If there are network problems it is also often good to provide a traceroute which can help our staff assist in fixing the issue. I plan to write about how to troubleshoot various server problems in future articles.

Monitoring your Dedicated Server

Your new Dedicated Server is online and your website is functioning great! This is wonderful news. However, dont walk away too long. One downside of dedicated server hosting is that problems are often the responsibility of you the client. In order to handle your downtime you must open a ticket with support and we will help restore your service. While we are happy to help when you are in need, we would rather you not go down in the first place. To ensure uptime, we recommend using an uptime monitoring service which we can provide or recommend, and then choose the managed dedicated server hosting addon during your order. We are also happy to add managed hosting to any server at any time.

Closing Thoughts

Dedicated Server Hosting can be a very complex industry. I know, it took me many years to learn the in and out web hosting. I encourage you or your company to come take advantage of the knowledge Esited has to offer. We are always eager to show off what we can do for you!

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