Little-Known Tips for Creating a Great Business Website

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Little-Known Tips for Creating a Great Business Website

As a small business owner, you’re well aware that you need a strong online presence to find customers, improve brand recognition and develop a following that will lead to repeat sales. But how can you optimize your website and make it rank higher than your competition? Here are four strategies you can implement to increase your visibility and keep your business top-of-mind:

Create Social Media Accounts for Your Business

Reach out to potential customers far and wide by looking for them where they are: on social media. Some social media sites require you to have a personal account before you can create a business account, so check their requirements and sign on to the ones best suited for your business needs. Many businesses have Instagram accounts that allow them to feature pictures of their products on their page. If you want to keep your branding consistent on your website and on your social media channels, you can easily resize an image for Instagram to fit the platform’s requirements using a free online tool. If you start using this channel, you’ll be able to get real-time data and get insight into how well your brand is performing with your followers.

Link Your Website to Your Social Media Pages

Once you’ve created social media accounts for your business, lead your followers to your website in order to increase traffic and generate sales by adding a link to your posts. Conversely, in order to turn customers into loyal followers of your brand, people should be able to find you on your social media channels once they’ve visited your website. Add social media buttons to your business website: those buttons will allow people to follow you on different channels with one click. If your business has a Facebook page, add a Facebook “Like” button on your website to increase visibility and drive even more traffic to your site.

Write High-Value Blog Posts

Look around the internet and see what kind of blog posts you find visually pleasing, which ones are providing valuable insight and information, and which ones you find entertaining. This will help you come up with the winning formula for your own blog posts. A great blog post should not only engage the reader but also help you reach some of your marketing goals by driving more sales. Are you stumped for ideas, or do you simply have no time to write your own blog posts? Blog writing services let you order content from expert writers that you can post on your website in order to boost SEO, increase the time visitors spend on your website and turn you into a trusted thought-leader in your industry.

Optimize Your Page-Loading Speed

There’s nothing more frustrating for people shopping online than waiting for a page to load. If your website doesn’t pop up instantly on their screens, shoppers will hit the “back” button on their browser and look for another company to do business with. So make sure your website is optimized for speed by following these three tips: First, start by checking the infrastructure and the software version of your site. Sometimes, all you need is an upgrade to make it work faster. Second, use HTML caching to improve your page-loading speed. And third, compress and optimize your photos and images, as a smaller size means faster loading.

Get more traffic to your business website by inviting your customers to follow you on different social media channels. Add the delivery of great content to your marketing strategy, and present yourself as a trusted leader in your industry. You’ll soon see your business rank higher in search engines.

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