Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Server Hosting

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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Server Hosting

Properly managing your IT obligations is one of the most important possibilities that entrepreneurs have. Otherwise, it's highly likely that you will fall far short of your intended business metrics.

Dedicated server hosting is far superior to using a shared server, but not everybody understands why.

Let's take a look at what you need to know about dedicated server benefits.

Comprehensive Security

One of the most important attributes of working with a dedicated server is the comprehensive security it is able to provide. This is a particularly important factor to consider given that the cybercrime industry is estimated to be worth over $10 trillion in the near future.

Unfortunately, even a short period of downtime could be catastrophic for your business. Not only will your customers be unable to use your website, but they may even turn to a competitor instead.

Even after you get your site back online, there's no guarantee that these customers will return.

Performance issues aren't the only problems you need to worry about, either. It's entirely possible for a hacker to compromise sensitive company information from your business.

In extreme cases, they could publicly release this data or even sell it to competitors. Under the right circumstances, a situation like this is impossible to recover from.

To make matters worse, you may also suffer legal consequences depending on the industry operate within. For example, healthcare facilities are bound by the regulations imposed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

If patient information is accessed by unauthorized users due to lax security policies, people may file a lawsuit in response.

Flexible Use

When you share a server with other users, you are subject to their resource requirements. This means that there may not be enough RAM, CPU power, etc. available in order for your company to operate efficiently.

For those who use dedicated servers, you will have full control over how you are able to manage your resource needs. You also have a significant amount of flexibility over other factors.

In fact, having a customizable server environment can often be the difference between whether or not you get your intended utility out of the server.

For example, you can freely choose the software that you wish to integrate into your workflow. You can also choose the platform that you want to leverage for your company.

Put simply, flexibility is a component of dedicated server use that you should never overlook.

Improved Performance

It should come as no surprise that dedicated servers are specifically designed to provide high-quality performance. This is primarily accomplished by maximizing the uptime of your website.

As previously mentioned, even a brief lapse in performance could be a major contingency.

However, this level of performance comes with an additional benefit that you should keep in mind. When the pages of your website load slowly, you run the risk of your users navigating away from your site.

This will impact a metric known as the bounce rate of your website. For those who are unaware, this value is partly how Google determines whether or not your site has high-quality content.

When a large number of users quickly leave your website, it will increase your bounce rate.

Over time, this can negatively affect your overall search ranking. By extension, the performance of your company may suffer since fewer users will be able to find you.

There's also something to be said about having a solid level of performance. If your users find that your site is easy to navigate and loads quickly, it can help boost the reputation of your brand.


When your company grows, so will its needs. Unfortunately, those who use shared servers will likely not have the available resources to increase in size.

Attempting to overreach in this scenario could easily cause problems for both you and your customers.

Those who decide to leverage dedicated servers will be pleased to know that there is virtually no limit on how far you can take them.

To elaborate, there will always be more server resources available as your needs increase. In fact, it often only takes a simple phone call to your hosting provider in order to increase your level of service.

Being able to scale efficiently will also improve the experience that you have. Stressing your server resources can easily lead to a slowdown on your end, which can make it more difficult for you to properly manage your company website.

Depending on the tasks you need to handle, they can easily become frustrating if you are not able to do so efficiently.

Cost Efficiency

One of the main reasons people avoid using dedicated servers is due to the initial costs. However, these individuals often fail to consider the long-term benefits of having your own server resources.

It's also worth considering that most businesses will eventually need to migrate to a dedicated server as they increase in size. It's much easier to scale your level of service and adjust your monthly rate as opposed to switching server types entirely.

You should think of dedicated server costs as a long-term investment into your business. Although you may have to allocate more money than you planned to initially, the dedicated server will quickly pay for itself.

You can then reinvest the money you save into different aspects of your company, allowing you to improve areas that need it most.

Available Bandwidth

CPU power and RAM are the only resources you need to worry about when it comes to whether or not you have a dedicated or shared server. Your website bandwidth determines how smoothly your applications and software are able to run.

This directly translates into how usable your website is for your customers. This is also a separate factor from page loading speed.

To clarify, the pages on your website may have no issues with how quickly they load. However, the functionality you implement on your website may not perform as intended.

The bandwidth that you receive from a dedicated server will never be influenced by other users. The primary aspect to keep in mind here is the capability to handle spikes in web traffic.

Being unable to do so could result in you failing to capitalize upon key opportunities.

A commonly seen scenario could involve a social media post you make on your business account getting shared by a large number of people. Users will want to navigate to your company website in order to learn more about your brand.

If your site crashes under this load, they will likely forget to check back later on. It should come as no surprise that you could potentially miss out on a large number of sales or conversions.

So, keep this in mind when moving forward.

Administrative Control

A frequently overlooked attribute of working with a dedicated server is the fact that you will retain full administrative control.

When you share a server with other clients, it wouldn't make sense to give users root access. This is simply due to the fact that any changes they make could negatively affect other users on the server.

When you have administrative control, however, you will be free to configure the server to meet your needs. In practice, this allows you to implement security measures, install software, etc.

Your Own IP Address

Interestingly, it's entirely possible for complications to arise if you and other users share the same IP address on a server.

For example, let's assume that you share a server with a business that implements black hat strategies. These are shady techniques that people leverage in order to manipulate how their website ranks on Google.

The consequences for doing so are often dire. You even run the risk of having your entire website deindexed from Google's search results.

Even if you had nothing to do with this behavior, your website could still suffer as a result. Having your own IP address will ensure that other users are not able to impact the integrity of your website.

Dedicated Server Hosting Can Be Game-Changing

The above information will help ensure that you understand all of the benefits it's able to provide. From here, you can make the decision about dedicated server hosting that is best for your business.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

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